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Is your Xbox 360 displaying the Red Ring of Death (RROD), E-74 error? If so, this repair service is right for you. If your Xbox 360 is not working properly, you probably need the help of an experienced Xbox 360 repair center. iFixable will get you right back in the game. As a professional Xbox 360 repair service we will not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of the speed, quality, and cost of your Xbox 360 repairs.

We fix tens of thousands of these errors every year. Yes , thousands. We are no "work out of my garage" company. We have a 10,000 sq ft Repair Complex with certified technicians working on you Device. iFixable is the trusted xbox 360 console repair center for some of the largest Retail chains.

Our competitors actually use us for the "tough to fix" problems that they can’t fix. This is not a hobby for us , this is what we do…

There are hundreds of micro solder joints holding the processor on your XBOX 360 to the mother board. Over time and constant heating and cooling, some of these solder joint begin to crack and break. The result is the red ring of death error. Using our proprietary repair process, we will reflow or reball the solder joints holding the processor in place. This repair process will eliminate the red ring of death error and ensure that the issue does not return.

This repair will correct the following problems:

  • Red Ring of Death
  • Error Code Displayed On Screen
  • No Picture and/or Sound
  • Unit Locks Up/Freezes 
  • Xbox 360 Won't Power On
  • E-74, E-73 Code


Q-1: What is your repair success rate for Xbox 360 rrod errors?

A: For unopened consoles our success rate is around 99.9%.

Q-2: What happens if you can't fix it?

A: A very small percentage of systems may not be repairable for unknown reasons or possible tampering. In the event that your system is unrepairable we will issue you a refund minus return shipping.

Q-3: Once it's been fixed, what are the chances that the Red Flashing Light will happen again?

A: Chances are 0.99% to ZERO. Once you receive your Device, power up your D and it runs, then you're GOLDEN. It will be running smooth for years to come. The 0.99% are the unrepairable units.

Q-4: What is the turnaround time for me to receive my Xbox 360?

A: After receiving the console it takes us between 1-2 days to repair. Once repaired we will ship it that same day using UPS Ground rate shipping box which takes 2-3 business days for you to receive it once we ship it. So in total from the day we receive it, it will take 3-5 days for you to receive maybe even 2 days if we do the repair the same day we receive the console and also depending on your location in proximity to mine. 

Q-5: Do you give a warranty?

A: Yes, we give a six-month warranty for previously openned consoles and a one-year day warranty for consoles that had not been previously openned beginning the day you purchase this Xbox 360 Repair Service. If the RROD or any error we repaired between that period we will fix it for free. This does NOT cover accidental breaks, breaks unrelated to the origin of the fixed part, or if warranty sticker is broken. If you claim the warranty you will pay to ship the console back to me. we send it back to you at our costs.

Q-6: Do I Ship you the Xbox 360 console only or do I Ship you the console with all wires?

A: Console only

This Xbox 360repair will be completed and shipped back to you the same day we receive your damaged device! We only use quality OEM and grade A parts! we offer a one-year limited warranty on all services! 



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