About Us

iFixable makes it fast and easy to get your Device repaired. iFixable provides quality repairs and outstanding service to individuals, schools and businesses throughout the U.S. No phone trees, appointments or service depots, just great personalized service and fast repairs delivered anywhere in the U.S

iFixable was founded as "QuickFix" in Oklahoma City, OK in 2009. Since then, the company has grown from a local repair and consulting company into a nationwide leader in electronic repair and IT services. In 2012 the company lunched iFixable for Online customers. Today iFixable continues our tradition of providing outstanding service and making the repair process fast and easy for our customers.

Our experienced technicians can repair and ship any damaged device with 24 hours while professional customer service staff can be contacted via our toll-free number to help diagnose all issues and inform customers of the status of their repair.

Our website is also different from other repair services because of our innovative online diagnosing tool. iFixable uses genuine OEM parts, we insure all shipments against breakage or loss, and all orders have a money back guarantee.

iFixable takes serious pride in all of their repairs, customer service, and is here for the customer at all times.

If at any point in time a customer would like to contact iFixable, please call 1.855.QUICKFIX